Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP):


AVP is an interactive, exercise-structured workshop program that focuses on helping teens and adults identify and address their personal root causes of destructive attitudes, behaviors and perceptions.


Begun in 1975, AVP is now a worldwide network of trained facilitators and trainers who offer workshops, facilitator trainings and apprenticeships in more than 40 countries – in prisons and in communities. AVP facilitators create safe spaces for workshop participants to discover and address the ways they create violence toward themselves and others. With new skills, insights and support, participants create more authentic, peaceful and meaningful relationships – both with themselves and their world.


Trained AVP facilitators from Annapolis Friends Meeting hold workshops in prison and community settings. Workshop lengths range from 2 hours to 20 hours, and focus on such topics as forgiveness, relationship and community building, empowerment, conflict resolution and communication.


To learn more about AVP work in the USA visit and throughout the world, visit or contact Annapolis Friends' Martha Baer at