Information about Annapolis Friends Meeting

The Schedule

Meeting for Worship: Sundays at 11:00 a.m. 
-Adult Education: 9:30 to 10:45 - Second and fourth Sundays 
-First Day School: Nursery to Senior High at 11:00  
-Business Meeting: First Sunday of each month at 9:00 a.m. 


Most of the Meeting's work is planned and coordinated by committees. Working on a committee is perhaps the best way to get to know other Friends. All committees are happy to expand their membership, so don't hesitate to join their meetings. Terms are two years and begin in January. For current officers and committee chairs, see our Officers and Committees page

Annapolis Friends Meeting Newsletter 

To receive this monthly publication by e-mail, contact our Newsletter Editor at e-mail.

E-mail lists

Annapolis Friends Meeting maintains two e-mail lists, Announce and Discuss, (the latter currently down, but in the process of being reconstituted), both for different uses by members and interested attenders who choose to join them.  If you are not a member or a regular attender of Annapolis Friends Meeting, then these lists probably have little interest for you.  Conversely, if you are a member/attender and have interest in one list, then it is quite likely you have an interest in the other, so feel welcome to join both if you wish.  Most do.  Joining (Subscribing) requires a review by the list manager or vetting by the Outreach Committee; but leaving (Unsubscribing) can be performed at your discretion in the manner prescribed below.

The Announce List is for announcing events of concern directly relating to the AFM and is meant to be used more restrictively.  Announce list members are invited to use

in order to:

 *  request to hold members of the community in the Light.
 *  announce births, marriages, ceremonies of commitment, illnesses, deaths, or memorial services.
 *  announce meetings or change previously announced meetings.
 *  announce specific Annapolis Friends, Baltimore Yearly Meeting or Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting business.

To subscribe to the AFM Announce list, send an e-mail request with your desired address for inclusion to


To automatically unsubscribe from this group and thus stop receiving emails from it, send an email from the address to be dropped from the service to


The Discuss List (again not currently active; we are temporarily using the Announce List for all purposes until the Discuss service is restored) is for other more general concerns and more open discussion of issues or items that the list user believes of interest to the AFM community, e.g., items relating to peace or other Quaker testimonies, and for announcements of Quaker organizations and other groups with which Friends are affiliated.  More leeway is granted in the use of the Discuss list, but always use discretion and consider whether the prospective post is actually warranted for wide dissemination on either list.

In all cases, posts on both lists reflect list users' personal opinions and should clearly be understood to NOT reflect the consensus of Annapolis Friends Meeting.

If you have any questions or misgivings about using either Announce or Discuss to address e-mails to those wider audiences, defer to Discuss or address e-mails to a more restrictive and specifically targeted audience.



The Annapolis Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends makes little distinction between members and attenders. Membership is a personal decision and a serious commitment not to be undertaken lightly. Joining the Meeting is also joining the Religious Society of Friends.

Those interested in becoming a member may write a letter to the Clerk of Ministry and Worship Committee to explain why they feel drawn to the Religious Society of Friends and Annapolis Friends Meeting. The Clerk of Ministry and Worship appoints a clearness committee that meets with the applicant to consider the request. This process may involve several meetings to ensure that the applicant understands what it means to be a Friend. 

If the clearness committee and the individual feel clear that membership is the right decision, a recommendation is made to the full Committee which in turn makes a recommendation to Business Meeting.  

Financial Responsibility We rely on members and attenders for regular financial support. A collection box is on the back wall of the meeting room; checks may be mailed to 351 DuBois Rd., Annapolis, MD, 21401. 

Local Groups the Meeting Supports 

Light House Shelter

The Meeting joins other churches of Annapolis Area Ministries in sponsoring the Light House Shelter. We provide a meal on the first Monday of each month. 

Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center

Several of our members were among the founders and volunteer there. 

Statements of Concern 

Photo Galleries

Friends are encouraged to put up photo albums of Annapolis Friends events using Picasa, Shutterbug, Snapfish, or other on-line services, and then send the links to the webmanager.

Annapolis Friends Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
The Annapolis Friends Meeting is a a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
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