Minute For Peace

Twelfth Month, 2002

Annapolis Friends Meeting (Quakers), recognize the continued revelation of our Peace Testimony, and are again called to apply this testimony to the present-day conditions of extreme acts of violence, the increased destructiveness of modern weapons, and the global reach of environmental degradation. And so, we are led to adopt the following minute:

Our Peace Testimony calls for people to "live in the way that takes away all occasion for war." Key conditions fostering violence are powerlessness, lack of alternative remedies, and cultural, political or economic oppression. If these conditions were changed, to give everyone a stake in society, there would be little or no occasion for violence. Therefore, we of the Annapolis Friends Meeting are opposed to armed aggression against Iraq; we oppose any violence threatening the peace and security of the earth's people. We further oppose any action which would disrupt the intricate balance of our earth's ecosystem. As the world's leading power, we of the United States have the responsibility to eliminate the major causes of violence through foreign aid promoting non-military functions, by strengthening international organizations for world order and in diminishing the production and distribution of weapons.

History teaches us that violence breeds further violence. History also teaches us that the spiral of violence and hatred can be interrupted by acts of creative nonviolence, by courageous acts of love. We urge our government and all people of conscience to work toward a world order so firmly based on justice, spiritual unity, and voluntary cooperation, that there is no place for war or armaments of war. We ask that our nation promote international law and order, peace and security with respect for all human rights, human dignity and human diversity. We pledge that we, as citizens of the United States and as members of The Religious Society of Friends, will work toward this end.

Annapolis Friends Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
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