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January 2011 Calendar

Queries for 1st Month: Meeting for Worship

Quaker Quotes for January

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business Minutes

Library Corner

The High Costs of War – Presentation at January Potluck

Darfur-Sudan Update: The Jan. 9, 2011 Referendum

Thank Yous from Various Projects

Friends Theological College in Kenya – Ann Riggs' Report

Invitation to Attend Jewels of Quakerism Courses at Old Town Friends

An Interfaith Caf'

Reflections on Radical Hospitality

AFM Committees, Officers & Representatives for 2011

How to Submit Newsletter Items and Announcements

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First Day School for children: 11 a.m. (join meeting for worship from 11:45 a.m. - noon)

Nursery care for our youngest: 11 a.m.

Meetings for Worship with a Concern for Business: 1st First Day of month at 9 a.m.

Adult religious education: As noted in calendar below

Care of the Meeting House for First Month: Ministry & Worship


JAN. 2: 9 a.m. Meeting for worship with attention to business; 11 a.m. Meeting for worship; 1 p.m. Potluck lunch and speaker on costs of war (see below)

JAN. 9: 9 a.m. Meeting for learning on Islam with Salwa Elgebaly & Martha Scott; 11 a.m. Meeting for worship

JAN. 16: 9 a.m. Committee Meetings; 11 a.m. Meeting for worship

JAN. 23: 11 a.m. Meeting for worship; Newsletter items deadline: please email!

JAN. 30: 11 a.m. Meeting for worship


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Are meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for Divine Guidance? Are Friends encouraged to share spiritual insights? Are special gifts of ministry recognized and encouraged? Do you come to meeting with heart and mind prepared? Are you careful not to disturb the spirit of the meeting by late arrival or in other ways? (Faith and Practice, p. 37)


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For when I came into the silent assemblies of God's people, I felt a secret power among them which touched my heart; and as I gave way unto it, I found the evil weakening in me and the good raised up. (Robert Barclay)


Bring the whole of your daily life under the ordering of the spirit of Christ.  Live adventurously.  In every situation seek to be aware of the presence of God, praying that spiritual energies in yourself and in others may be released for the furtherance of God's kingdom. (Advices, London YM, 1964)


With diligence meet together, and with diligence wait to feel the Lord God to arise, to scatter and expel all that which is the cause of leanness and barrenness upon any soul; for it is the Lord must do it, and he will be waited upon in sincerity and fervency of spirit; 'and let none be hasty to utter words, though manifest in the light in which ye wait upon the Lord; but still wait in silence, to know the power working in you to bring forth the words, in the ministration of the eternal word of life to answer the life in all.  (Stephen Crisp, 1663)


The Quaker meeting for worship is not a place for individual meditation, it is a community in which two or three are gathered together to wait upon the presence in the midst which links us all. (Edward Hoare, Deepening the Spiritual Life of the Meeting, FGC, 1995)


John Woolman experienced the mystical Presence of God long before it ever occurred to him that slavery was unethical.  Then one day in his retail office someone asked him to write out a receipt for a slave.  Something revolted in Woolman's conscience because, as a result of his spiritual consciousness, he was terribly present to that moment--awake, mindful. He didn't write the receipt.  It was a personal matter for him.   Gradually thereafter, he began speaking to his friends, to his meeting, to other meetings, about freeing the slaves.  His ethics spontaneously grew from his spiritual sensitivity.  No one pressured him to join any committees.  He did not start with an ethical ideal of human rights and go to meeting in order to talk about it.  It happened the other way around.  He went to meeting to be present before God. His ethics was the flowering of Silence. (Alfred K. LaMottte, 1982)


We become what we do.  A great religious interpreter of our times once said that he kissed his child because he loved her and that he kissed his child in order to love her more.  Regular participation in corporate worship is a school and workshop in which those who would grow in the religious life, no matter how tenuous may be their present connections, should be in attendance. (Douglas V. Steere, Prayer and Worship, FUP, 19)


'If we divide into camps--even into violent and the nonviolent--and stand in one camp while attacking the other, the world will never have peace.  We will always blame and condemn those we feel are responsible for wars and social injustice, without recognizing the degree of violence within ourselves. We must work on ourselves and also with those we condemn if we want to have a real impact.'  (Ayya Khema, 'Be an Island')


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Fifth Day of the Twelfth Month 2010


Barbara Thomas (Clerk), Marcia V. Ormsby (Recording Clerk) with 23 other Friends and attenders present


Our Meeting began with centering worship.


Nominating Committee - Leo P. reporting: The Slate of Committees, Officers & Representatives for 2011 was presented and approved. Of note, the most recent change included the invitation of Wes to the position of assistant Clerk of the Meeting. Wes Jordan presented a moving statement regarding his acceptance of this position. He will begin the clearness process for membership, at this time, considering the Ministry & Worship Committee is prepared to, at their next meeting, gather a committee on his behalf. Great appreciation was expressed to Wes for his openness and integrity this process. His letter is attached to these minutes.


Appreciation was expressed to Leo for his clerkship of Nominating Committee.


Stewardship & Finance Committee - Mary Kniskern reporting: The third reading of the Budget was heard and distributed and approved; it is attached to these minutes. The total unrestricted contributions are more than 25% lower than planned and expected. Rental income increases, Committees' frugality and the final tally of contributions permit a prediction of ending the year with a relative balance. The budget covers committees' requests but does not cover the restricted fund allocations, like the Young Friends Opportunity Fund, the Capital Replacement Fund and the Capital Improvement Fund, with no monies going to the Building Fund. The Founder's fund and Adult Scholarship are under budget. The Suffering Fund is short the $5000 goal. Current operating expenses are matched but, we are not in a position to take on a new mortgage, or new building proposals. Specific questions should be brought to the Stewardship and Finance Committee to sort. If receipts are to be charged to the 2010 accounting, please submit them, as the books will be closed within the first week of First Month, 2011.


The Treasurers Report in First Month, 2011, will announce the specific amounts will be reported. Until then, the amounts remain estimates. Stewardship and Finance will be offering a threshing session Jan. 23, 2011 following Meeting for Worship to prepare finances, long range goals and Quaker causes, as well as the concept of a balanced budget.




Phil C. reporting: He and Beth Mayer have been emailing and discussing a new AFM newsletter format. All the comments for this new format have been favorable, therefore beginning First Month, 2011, this format will be adopted. A Word document containing the newsletter also will be attached to the new email format and the printed newsletter still will be available in the lobby.


Peter M. & Phil C. finished some steps up the hillside from our nature trail to the Unitarian's trail. This trail is now easier to find and to navigate.


Pastoral Care Committee - Mary B. reporting: A workshop is proposed for Seventh Day, March 12, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for Couples Enrichment run by Rich and Joan Liversidge.


Darfur Update - Sylvia O. reporting: On Eleventh Month 2010 we signed a letter to urge our government to support the people of Sudan supporting human rights. That letter was sent to the announce list and is available online.


Children's Religious Education Committee - Cairn K. reporting: For the last five years AFM has provided nursery childcare during meeting for worship, to the benefit of parents, their children, and our community's volunteer caregivers.   This nursery program is currently in need of two or three additional volunteers to provide care once every one to three months. A request was also made for Friends to volunteer once a year to provide childcare for meeting for worship with attention to business.  


It was suggested that clipboards be circulated to make it easier to volunteer. When nursery care began, it was not clear that so few people would be available to help; we all need to step forward to assist. The training for childcare will be reviewed annually and this training information will be available for all new comers to this position. 'Friendly adult presence' training is available at the yearly meeting level.


Christmas Eve - Nan E. will organize a 7 p.m. gathering for a short meeting for Worship with singing, crayons, cider and cookies. All are welcome.


Meeting for Learning - Next First Day, the Ministry and Worship Committee has organized a presentation on Islam and Christianity, by Salwa Elgebaly and Martha Scott, as our Second First Day Meeting for Learning. We will be meeting in the worship room at 9am. Please plan to attend.


These minutes were read and approved during Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.


Meeting closed with silent worship.  Respectfully Submitted, Barbara Thomas, Clerk & Marcia V. Ormsby, Recording Clerk


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Our query for 1st month concerns Meeting For Worship. One of the books you will notice on the left side of the wooden rack on the Library counter is "The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship" by George H. Gorman. Although this book was written in 1973 and revised in 1993 its basic thoughts and suggestions are helpful today. We could all profit from reading it.


Everything is part of Quaker Worship from centering down to preparation for worship, from "who or what are we worshiping" to "making the best use of Quaker worship."


Quaker Worship is described as "a strong sustaining experience coupled with individual freedom." I recommend this book to refresh our view of our worship.


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On first day, Jan. 2, 2011, at 1 p.m., hear J. E. McNeil, the Executive Director of the Center on Conscience & War and a practicing attorney, enlighten us about the high cost of war to the United States, not just in tax dollars, but in terms of unrepaired infrastructure and physical and moral injury to our youth.


She will encourage us to reach out to our communities to counter the influence of the military in our schools and daily lives, all the while remembering that the soldiers are not the authors of their fates, as there is little to no support of them when they take a stand of conscience.  On a more practical level, she will discuss the Truth in Recruiting, the GI Rights Hotline, and the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund.


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'If there is any useful lesson that can be drawn from the events of April 1994, it is surely one about just how personal genocide is: for those who are killed, of course, but also for those who kill, and for those, however far away, who just do nothing. Our governments are no better than we are. The United Nations is no better than its governments.' (Romeo Dallaire, UN force commander in Rwanda during the genocide)


Oil-rich South Sudan is expected to vote for secession in the January elections.  This will have many huge consequences not only for Sudan but also for its African neighbors.  There may be war.  If the South secedes, President al-Bashir intends to make a new, radical Islamist constitution for Sudan based on Sharia law.


In Darfur the Sudanese army continues to attack civilians, and the rebels--who are no match--continue to fight back.  Recently 32,000 people had to flee again to over-crowded, ill-equipped camps, camps that may already shelter 100,000 or more!


It is becoming increasingly difficult to get information out of Darfur.  The Government of Sudan arrests human rights activists and journalists that criticize al-Bashir, its President who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide.


In South Sudan inter-tribal and political fighting resulted in over 215,000 civilians being displaced in the South in 2010 alone.  This is destabilizing and threatens the referendum.  Many of the people of South Sudan (e.g. the 'Lost Boys') who fled to the North during the 20-year war, will try to return to the South to vote.  They will likely encounter much opposition from al-Bashir, as well as difficulties from the severely depressed economy in the South.


Some positive news:  President Obama appointed Ambassador Dane Smith, a new, experienced diplomat for Darfur.  Also, Senate Con. Res. 71, a resolution preventing genocide and mass atrocities, has just passed in the Senate.  Maybe too little, too late!


Something in the movie, 'Slum Dog Millionaire' reminds me of the situation in Sudan. The gross inequalities, injustices, poverty, etc. which give rise to armed rebellion when people cannot take it any longer and have nothing to lose.  The resulting genocide and lies by the Sudanese Government to cover it up' too horrendous to describe.


Yes, genocide is personal.  I believe we are all personally responsible to do whatever we can to prevent or end genocide. - Sylvia O.


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AFM Friends and attenders have received thank-you notes for these contributions:


Pen-pals, educational books, school supplies, and clothing sent to our partner school in Philadelphia

Coats, mittens, etc., to Jenn D's school in Silver Spring

Food and our time at the Light House


More such donations are welcome for each program!


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The first 16 months of my principalship has been a time of transitions at Friends Theological College. Some were painful changes: the death of beloved staff member David Muchera Sanyo and the transition to a smaller full-time faculty. But others were joy-filled changes.


Thanks to the hard work of many over past decades, FTC programs were awarded Affiliate status by the internationally recognized Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa. The long-awaited chaplaincy training program began. We graduated the first two classes of Bachelor's of Theology students. We received 45 North Americans on our campus for lunch and a tour on July 6. The campus, especially the farm, have enjoyed development and growth--a large new banana plantation, a greenhouse and a chicken coop with solar lighting have been added. We have a new workshop for producing a cheaper and environmentally sound cooking fuel and stoves for use with the new fuel and resources for teaching others this new technology. The library is now able to provide daily computer and internet access for faculty and students.


None of these joyful changes would have been possible without your gifts to support FTC. Nor would I have been here myself to witness the sense of pride that students and staff express as their college continues to grow without your support to my ministry account and your prayers for my leadership. Your gifts awaiting use in 2011 promise more growth in the New Year.


Our many thanks go to you, the international FTC family. May you be blessed by joy this day and throughout 2011. - Ann Riggs


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Old Town Friends invite you to come learn ways that you may be able to deepen your spiritual relationship with the Divine on Sundays @ 5 – 6 p.m. beginning January 9 through February 13, 2011.


All Friends and those interested in Friends are welcome.  This is an excellent opportunity to visit the old meeting house where Baltimore Quakerism began in 1781, the original site of the Friends School of Baltimore, and the current home of the McKim Center, a youth center on whose board sits members of Stony Run Friends.  The format requires no preparation!


JAN. 9: The Religious Society and the Silent Meeting for Worship

JAN. 16: Gospel Order, Spiritual Openings, Leadings & Ministry

JAN. 23: Witness and Testimony

JAN. 30: Spiritual Gifts in Community

FEB. 6: Discernment & Spiritual Practices among Friends

FEB. 13: Contemporary Quakerism: Contrasts and Connections


Format: 20-30 minute video segments followed by discussion/question & answer session


Attendees are invited to join Old Town Friends in worship after the session at 6 p.m.; potluck at 7 p.m.


Old Town Friends Fellowship (A Quaker Meeting)

PO Box 2311

Baltimore, MD 21203

410-231-FRND (3763)


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Pip Moyer Community Recreation Center, Thursday, January 13, 2011

273 Hilltop Lane, Annapolis, MD 21403, 7 - 9 p.m.

Sponsored by the Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network (GAIN),


Are you a spiritual seeker of Truth? Do you feel that exploring the mosaic of the world's religious and spiritual traditions can help you grow in understanding and love? Are you willing to share from your personal spiritual journey on questions we all ponder concerning our understanding of God, the practices that guide us, the beliefs we hold true--and how these spill over into our lives? Are you willing to listen with interest and without judgment to those whose spiritual quests have brought them to different practices and conclusions?


Do you think we all might be the better from interfaith dialogue? If so, then join the Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network (GAIN) at its first Interfaith Caf' on January 13 at 7 p.m. We will begin with munchies, introductions, and an overview of possible topics and ground rules. Then we will divide into tables of no more that six people each from diverse religious backgrounds. After briefly exploring your group's interests and questions, the group will decide its top topics for discussion and proceed to share, one by one, followed by questions and dialogue. Someone will facilitate to be sure all get to speak equally. We will not debate or proselytize; we will listen openly, appreciate, and learn. In closing, each table will have the opportunity to mention the topics discussed and any learnings they wish to share.


There is no cost, no tickets, and no RSVP required, but an idea of the number who might be coming would help with buying nutritious munchies.  Questions? Contact Barbara Thomas, GAIN chair, at or 410-867-2473. We are eager to meet you and learn from you!


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I am still digesting the learning that was stimulated by November's workshop on Radical Hospitality led by Brad Ogilvie.  We are called to extend hospitality to the stranger in our midst, but also to the person/group whose views are different or hostile to our beliefs.  This has the side effect of opening us to new kinds of self-examination and new avenues for learning about assumptions.


I am coming to see that the act of hospitality is deepened by the practice/testimony of 'seeing that of God in everyone.' If hospitality is extending ourselves to the 'other,' it also means letting go of our preconceptions/judgements of them.  For me, the practice of listening deeply and being willing to be surprised by what I hear, instead of assuming that I already understand the person's position, is a doorway to expanded, radical hospitality. I continue to yearn for a way to find a way to practice this radical hospitality to enhance our political dialogue.


I would love to further explore the implications of radical hospitality with interested Friends.  Contact 410-224-2787 or


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All committee positions are volunteer.  Terms are for two years. Terms begins in January of the year noted and end the following December (e.g., a '(10)' means that a member will serve starting in January 2010 and serve through December 2011.). The term in which a member has served as clerk is designated by an underline.


Clerk: Elise Albert (11)

Asst. Clerk: Wes Jordan (11)

Treasurer: Joel Rodkin (10)

Asst. Treas.:

Recording Clerk: Phyllis Singer (11)

Asst. Recording Clerk:  Phil Caroom (11)

Recorder: Nan Elsbree (08, 10)


Childrens' Religious Education

Co-Clerks: Kimberly Benson (10, 11) & Joanna Tobin (11)

Tim Mullady (10), Margaret Candler (10), Glenn Singer (11), Sue Podolyn (11)


Educational Resources:  Kim Finch

Nursery Coordinators: Sylvia Oliva (10), Cairn Krafft (11)

Homeschooling subcommittee: Kimberly Benson, clerk (11), Cairn Krafft (09, 11), Sarah Blaser (09, 11), Mardy Burgess (09, 11), Joanna Tobin (11)

BYM Camping Correspondent: Tim Mullady

Young Friends' Officers: Clerk: Douglas Krafft (10)

Youth Program Subcommittee: Ruth Slavin, clerk (11), Suzanne Spoor (11), Cairn Krafft (11), Sarah Blaser (11)

First Day School Librarian: Beth Chandler

Library Committee

Clerk: Nan Elsbree (10)

Susan Dapkunas (10), Beth Chandler (10), Phyllis Singer (10), Collette McKie (11)


Friends Poetry Gathering Facilitators: Dotty Doherty (09, 11), Pat Laviscount (09, 11)

Meetinghouse and Land

Clerk: Bill Kinzer (04, 06, 08, 10)

Wes Jordan (10), Ruth Slavin (10), Jim Krist (10), Careen Mayer (10), Victoria Jaen (11), Minette Clarke-Swindel (10)


Hospitality Subcommittee: Carol Kinzer (08, 10), Bonnie Peregoy (10), Ruth Slavin (10)

Building Use Coordinator (BUC) Sky Elsbree (07, 09, 11), Back-up Coordinators: Karl Richmond (07, 09, 11), Will Candler (10), Minette Clarke-Swindel (11)

Growing & Greening Working Group Facilitator: Careen Mayer


Ministry & Worship

Clerk: Tricia Robinson (11)

Committee: Will Candler (09, 11), Jennifer Delorge-Mckeown (10), Lynada Johnson (10), Kim Finch (10), Jean Christianson (11), Martha O'Hehir (11)


Representative to BYM: Pat Schenck or to be drawn from M&W

Representative to Quarterly Meeting: Pat Schenck

FGC Meeting Contact: To be drawn from M&W

Rep for Interchange: Pat Schenck

Quaker History & Heritage Subcommittee Clerk: Kim Finch (08, 10)

Silent Retreat: Jean Christianson



Barbara Thomas, clerk (10, 11)

Phil Favero (09, 11), Cairn Krafft (10), Lee Lougee (08, 10), Margaret Holmes (11)



Clerk: Peter Meredith (10, 11)

Syliva Oliva (10), Esther Geil (11), Kathy Saunders (11), Kit Hanley (11)



Web: Ken Mayer, clerk (07, 09)

E-mail: Esther Geil (11)

Directory Editor: Esther Geil (11)



Editor: Phil Caroom (10), Asst.: Beth Mayer (11)


Pastoral Care

Clerk: Leo Pickens (08, 10)

Mary Barbera (09, 11), Susan Dapkunas (09, 11), Ria Hawkins (10), Nancy Jo Steetle (11), Glenn Singer (11)


Quaker Dudes' Head Dude/Convener: Karl Richmond

Spiritual Friendship Group Facilitator: Tricia Robinson


Peace & Social Concerns

Clerk: Phil Favero (09, 11), Asst. Clerk: Carl Benson (10)

Douglas Krafft (09, 11), Ted Hawkins (10), Diane Evartt (10), Lee Lougee (10), Martha Baer (10), Doug McClelland (10), Harold Saunders (10), Don Sillars (10)


Peace & Justice Center Working Group Facilitator: Phil Favero

AFSC Contact: to be drawn from P&SC

FCNL Contact: Ted Hawkins (11)

Lighthouse Shelter Liason:  Marcia Ormsby (07, 09, 11) Peter Meredith (07, 09, 11)

Rep. for Lighthouse Board: Carol Brantley (09—until LH term ends)

Wm. Penn Hs. Rep.: Joe Peregoy (10) Beth Ann Bruninga (10)

Rep. for Save Darfur Coalition: Sylvia Oliva


Stewardship & Finance

Clerk: Mary Kniskern (09, 11)

Tom Hasler (08, 10), Carol Kinzer (10), Karen Cunnyngham (11), Joel Rodkin, ex officio (08, 10)

Quaker Market Subcommittee: Margaret Holmes, clerk  (07, 09, 11), Nancy Jo Steetle (10), Careen Mayer (11), Kit Hanley (11)



Clerk: Sky Elsbree (06, 08, 10)

Tim Mullady (08, 10), Careen Mayer (09),  Elise Albert (11)


(Note: for information purposes only—no meeting approval required)

Signing Authority for AFM Accounts

Friends Fiduciary Trust: Treasurer/2 Trustees & Minute from Meeting approving withdrawal

Checking Account: Treasurer/Clerk of S&F/Clerk of Trustees

CD & Savings Account: Treasurer/Clerk of S&F/Clerk of Trustees

Safe Deposit Box: Clerk of S&F/Trustee/Trustee


Members of BYM Committees  (3 Year Terms Appointed by BYM)

Nominating Committee: Barbara Thomas (2010)

Camping Committee: Lynada Johnson  (2009)

Stewardship and Finance: Wes Jordan (2009), Ted Hawkins (2010)

Working Group on Ending Racism among Friends: Pat Schenck

Friends in Unity With Nature: Will Candler and Tricia Robinson (2010)

Nominating Committee: Karen Cunnyngham (2010)


Members of FGC Committees

FGC Rep on Scouting: Tim Mullady

FGC Co-clerk CIRC, & Central Committee: Dot Walizer

FGC CIRC: Ann Riggs


Friends Theological College Principal: Ann Riggs


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Please note new newsletter editor and email address

Phil Caroom is the new editor of the Annapolis Friends Newsletter. Please send any items for inclusion in the newsletter to him at:

Please submit items for the calendar and brief descriptions of events by the deadline listed above in the calendar.

Friends also are asked to watch your email for announcements of meetings and to listen for announcements at the rise of meeting.

Event and activity organizers, please also post your announcements on the bulletin board for those who do not use electronic mail!

Announce List:; Discuss List:


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Meeting Telephone: 410-573-0364

Address: 351 DuBois Road, Annapolis, MD 21401

Annapolis Friends Meeting Website:

Clerk: Elise Albert

Building Use Coordinator (BUC): Sky Elsbree - 410-647-3591 

Newsletter Editor: Phil Caroom – contact at


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