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The AFM P&JC typically meets on the second Tuesday of every month, 7-9 pm, at the Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Co-Clerks: Barb Thomas e-mail and Martha Baer e-mail


The Annapolis Friends Meeting (AFM) Peace and Justice Center (P&JC) provides:

  1. A place where people who want to champion peace and justice initiatives can clarify their ideas, gather resources, and organize efforts;


  1. Opportunities for training and education about peace and justice methods and processes;


  1. Safe space for people to dialogue about controversial public issues;


  1. Networks and partnerships with individuals and groups who share peace and justice concerns; and


  1. A more visible community presence for Annapolis Friends Meeting.


The AFM P&JC Welcomes New Initiatives

Do you have a strong idea, interest, or concern about an issue involving peace or justice?  (It may be small or large in scope.)  Are you willing to be a champion for your cause?  Might you want to work with the Peace & Justice Center in creating an initiative around your idea?

If "yes", we encourage you to provide us with a brief proposal to engage in working with the Center.  Please see this info/submission form for guidance.

Current P&JC activities that may interest you:

·       Climate Change -- Concerns about global warming and the passage in February 2014 of an AFM Minute on Climate Change led to the creation of the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis (CSGA) Working Group.  The CSGA is comprised of members of various faith groups and non-religious organizations in the Annapolis area.  All are welcome to join CSGA efforts in education, outreach, advocacy, and public-policy making.  For more information, contact Phil Favero e-mail


·       Prison Reform -- The huge increase in the number of nonviolent offenders in American prisons and the disproportionate number of incarcerated men and women of color led to the P&JC creating Partners for Criminal Justice Reform. This coalition is expressing its concerns through a number of proposed legislative initiatives.   Additionally, the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Working Group on Racism suggests five actions to address mass incarceration as discussed in this linked brochure. Anyone interested in further information is encouraged to contact either Pat Schenck e-mail or Barb Thomas e-mail


·       Alternatives to Violence Project -- The P&JC has promoted and supports workshops and facilitates training in prisons and in the community, and has done so since 2009.   More information may be found here.  For further information on work done in Maryland prisons contact Martha Baer e-mail and for work in the community, consult Kit Hanley e-mail


·       Teaching Peace Initiative (TPI) -- The P&JC  promoted and provided some small seed money which assisted high school students at the Annapolis Key School in the development  of the TPI curriculum [ will take you from and exit the AFM web page].   Begun and continuing since 2011, this project has led to field tested workshops for area fourth through sixth graders, and has focused on helping these young students become personally sensitive to the signs and effects of bullying in the schools, while also providing them with tools to allow a greater awareness of what it takes to become "peacemakers" in our communities.

Past P&JC Activities, Workshops and Training:

·        Organized the 2013 Geneva Initiative Public Celebration of 10 years of Progress since the Geneva Accord -- Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks. This 10th Anniversary event hosted Israeli and Palestinian representatives  and was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. This event brought visibility to vital peace talk and progress continuing in the Middle East,  and stimulated interest and encouraged the current administration to resume peace talks with both Israelis and Palestinians. [October 2, 2013]


·       Coordinated the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21st, 2013.  The focus "For the Youth, By the Youth", in grades 4 through 12.  Participants enjoyed experiential workshops designed and facilitated by TPI (see above in Current Activities)  around peace awareness and action and community building; followed by lunch, service-provider information and networking booths; and ended with ‘What’s Next?’ discussions for achievable action steps for each of three grade-specific groups. [Sept 21, 2013]


·       Sponsored several well attended Community Dialogues on controversial ballot initiatives in 2012 and other controversial public issues (2013-present)

·       Organized the 9/11/13 Dialogue with Future Leaders at the Great Room of St John's College, where more than 100 college and high school students listened to and discussed presentations by military, government and civilian specialists about national and international lessons learned since America’s 9/11 experience.   [The Key School TPI Program (see above in Current Activities) was direct outcome of this conference.] [Sept 11, 2011]


·       Hosted and facilitated international negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian delegations resulting in a Water Rights agreement for the Geneva Initiative.  [2008]

·       Introduced Help Increase the Peace (HIP) to the Annapolis Boys and Girls Club and partnered with Light of the World Family Ministries to provide HIP training to bring practical skills and conflict resolution tools to first-offender youth. [2008-9]


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