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Our search reveals the inner light in every child.
For me that means revealing the wondering in each child
in its different forms; the marveling, the searching to understand, and the seeking of one's path.
-- Harriett Heath

Annapolis Friends Meeting (AFM)

The Annapolis Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends welcomes Young Friends of all ages as an important part of our spiritual community. The Religious Society of Friends holds as the basis of its faith the belief that God endows each human being with a measure of the Divine Spirit. All have the capacity to discern spiritual truth and to hold direct community with God. In group worship, personal vision is made clearer by the inspiration and shared experience of those present.

Martin The children at Annapolis Friends Meeting are known as Young Friends. Our program for Young Friends includes nursery care for the youngest, religious education, known as First Day School, for those of school age, and Young Friends Meeting for Business, where Young Friends plan a rich variety of social and service activities.

Nursery Care

Annapolis Friends Meeting recognizes our youngest friends as a blessing to our community. Parents are welcome to bring their youngest with them into meeting for worship, being mindful that we practice silent worship. We also offer nursery care, recognizing that parents may need a time of silent worship when they can focus on the silence, knowing that their children are in a safe place. To that end, nursery care is available during meeting for worship (11 am Ð12 pm) throughout the year. 

Our nursery care program offers children time to play and enjoy a snack. If the weather is fine the group may choose to spend time in our Family Play Area. Care is provided by members of the Annapolis Friends community, including older Young Friends (13 and older), parents, and other adult Friends who enjoy spending time with our youngest. If you are able to add to the pool of caregivers who provide care once a month or every other month, your participation is welcomed and encouraged, but it is not required. For more information, please contact the Nursery Coordinator. [Jump to Chart]


First Day School Vision

First Day School grows out of Meeting for Worship in providing more formal guidance for our younger friends. Friends feel that specific instruction in religious topics is vital in the preparation of the human spirit for a whole life. Our goals in First Day School are:

  • To lovingly promote Young Friends' spiritual growth, strengthening their awareness of the presence of God and encouraging them to find and follow the Light within and find the Light in others.
  • To give Young Friends experience in Quaker practices and to foster fellowship among the Young Friends themselves and with adult members and attenders of Meeting.

The First Day School Experience

First Day School starts at 11am with Meeting for Worship. Young Friends are encouraged to join their families in Meeting for the last fifteen minutes of worship. At the close of Meeting, all Friends join hands in a circle and introduce themselves prior to weekly announcements.

We offer First Day School classes for all school age Young Friends. The curriculum for school age Young Friends includes a foundation of Quaker history and practices, Bible studies, an introduction to other faiths, and additional topics as we are led to explore.  Please contact our Children's Religious Education Committee chairs for more information. [Jump to Chart]



Young Friends Facilities

First Day School Library

We have a great Young Friends' library, where Young Friends or their parents can check out books on a wide variety of topics, including Quakerism, other religions, diversity, families, and nature. If you have questions, or would like to recommend a book for purchase by the library, please contact the First Day School Librarian. [Jump to Chart]

Family Play Area and Meadow

Our Family Play Area provides a lovely setting for use during First Day School, nursery care, and other times. It includes a climbing structure, sandbox, bench and picnic table in a shaded area near the meetinghouse. The meadow adjacent to the Family Play Area is available for games. Recognizing that there are hazards inherent to an outdoor play area, we request that its use be limited to times when an adult (or Young Friend at least 15 years in age) can supervise.


Community Participation and Involvement

Service projects form a strong component of our program for Young Friends, with opportunities for Young Friends to plan and participate in projects designed to strengthen our neighbors both near and far.



Baltimore Yearly Meeting is the larger Quaker organizational and regional body to which Annapolis Friends Meeting (a monthly meeting) belongs. BYM offers a wonderful summer camp program for children ages 9 and up (www.bymcamps.org), where campers can enjoy outdoor and arts activities in a fun, caring, and uniquely Quaker environment. Financial aid is available through the meeting to help make summer camp possible for all of our Young Friends.  Please contact the Children's religious Education Committee chairs for more information. [Jump to Chart]

BYM also offers weekend conferences for those in high school (Young Friends) or middle school (Junior Young Friends). Information about upcoming conferences is available at(http://www.yf.bym-rsf.net) Annapolis Friends Meeting supports the participation of our Young Friends in these programs, helping to arrange carpooling, and paying registration fees through the Young Friends Opportunity Fund. [Jump to Chart]


Gwen and Emily

Youth Safety at Annapolis Friends Meeting

Annapolis Friends Meeting has a concern for the safety of its youth. AFM has developed a Youth Safety Policy, which is posted on the bulletin board outside of the large classroom, and is available for all parents and guardians. This policy explains the supervision standards which include two teachers or caregivers per classroom for nursery and elementary age, and the other general safety precautions.

If you have questions about youth safety at Annapolis Friends Meeting, please contact either of the Co-Clerks of the Children's Religious Education Committee [Jump to Chart], or the Pastoral Care Committee.



Children's Religious Education Committee (CREC)

The Children's Religious Education Committee (CREC) is comprised of meeting parents and other members and attenders interested in our children's religious education. There are many ways in which members may choose to contribute to the work of the committee, including attending committee meetings, teaching or providing a second adult presence for classes (part of our Youth Safety Policy), or participating in service projects or social activities. For more information, please contact the Co-Clerks of the Children's Religious Education Committee. We will all be happy to answer your questions and welcome you to the community.


Contact Information:

Kimberly Benson & Joanna Tobin
Co-Clerks, Children's Religious Education Committee

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Suzanne Spoor
Nursery Coordinator

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Suzanne Spoor
CREC Librarian

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Ruth Slavin
Young Friends Opportunity Fund Coordinator

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